Our goal is to become the employer of choice in the industry, attracting and retaining people because of our culture and the opportunities we provide for career development. House building and/or sales is an exciting and rewarding sector in which to build your career. Having the right people in place is key to our corporate strategy and commercial success. Where we can, we always look to recruit and promote from within, however, we also realise the benefits of diversifying our workforce by combining internal talent with the best skillsets and backgrounds from outside of the business.

Regardless of what level role you are applying for, or what business function you are interested in, there are certain behaviours that we look for in all our people. Below are a few examples of the competencies that are vital to success at PC24 Store irrespective of your level in the business or functional area.


• Collaboration - In a business with different regional offices with separate priorities specific to the communities in which they build, it is vital that we share ideas, learn from our colleagues and communicate regularly and effectively.


• Open to Change - Required for a sector that is always adapting to legislation, innovation and customer feedback.


• Focus on our Customer - Without them we would not be in business.


• Passion for People Development - Whether you’re an employee showing interest in the development of your colleagues or a line manager looking at progression and opportunities for your team members, it’s vital part of what makes our business great.


• Solution Focused approach - Very important in a complex industry that presents plenty of challenges on a day to day basis.


• Makers and Doers - We're not interested in just talk without any relevant action.


• Integrity, great team working ability and a customer focus all form key areas we look for.


• People with operational experience


• Knowledgeable, exposed and abreast with modern and contemporary trends in relevant areas and good fashion sense (not indecent exposure).


These behaviours, amongst others, make up a key part of our selection process for all jobs we recruit for so if you are thinking about a career with PC24 Store then we would encourage you to always think about our key competencies.


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