PC24 Store operates both an online and physical stores, and sells digital products, web services and physical goods. PC24 Store has been structured to provide total convenience and extreme value to our clients and customers.


Types of Products & Services

Digital Products

Products under this category are simply ordered and delivered electronically. Usually delivered to email on file which may contain a purchase code or download link.


Web Services

This may be for the purchase of a hosting space for your website or a web-design for your website itself or some other coding. It includes Logo design services as well.


Physical Goods

This category of products obviously will require physical delivery of your purchase to your delivery address.



Overseas Shipments

Over 90% of all physical products are shipped overseas via our global optimised inventory partnerships.



Making Your Payment

As a reliable and responsible firm we take proactive steps to protect our systems from fraud. Our over 35 payment methods provide options for all customers to choose whatever payment method they prefer, with ease.

Payments are supposed to be received before any products will be delivered or service rendered. If you apply for a credit facility, you are to be approved before any product/service will be rendered.