Our bespoke model sells goods or merchandise to resellers; to retailers; to industrial, commercial, institutional, or other professional business users, helping manufacturers get their products to market, and as well as help the customer obtain the products he or she needs to run a business, with multiple acquisition and extension of credit to customers over various payment terms. We eliminate the inherent risk of clients dealing with unverifiable manufacturers the customer may never hear from again once they’ve paid for the merchandise.

Our model minimizes the time between receipt of a customer order and receipt of the goods from the manufacturer or supplier. Manufacturers do not have to wait unend to receive payments with our model. Credit limits are increased based on the customer’s payment history.

In-house stock inventory normal ships within 2-7 days and two to four weeks for delivery from outside UK manufacturers, including but not limited to China, Taiwan, India and Southeast Asia. Wholesale clients can be located worldwide, but credit facilities are limited to UK businesses and selected global locations sister companies or group subsidiaries have local presence.

Minimum Order

Our wholesale prices are inclusive of import duties, shipping from and import VAT. This saves you a lot of paperwork, money and stress of dealing with various transport and customs. The minimum order is 25 pieces. Buy more than 100 pieces, and you get a better deal from us.


We can lease or rent out warehouse space.


1. Competitive wholesale pricing (Available to Worldwide clients)

2. Warehousing Storage (Currently available to UK clients only)

3. Commercial/Business Loans via Quidmaster Loans (a sister company and currently available to UK clients only)

4. Home & Commercial Mortgage Opportunities via DCANS Capital (a sister company and currently available to UK clients only)

5. New Homes Purchase via a direct builder and developer, Property Sultan (a sister company)

6. Pre-owned/Second Home Ownership Opportunities via The Property Portfolio Builder (a sister company and currently available to UK clients only)

Note: To qualify for any of these benefits, wholesale clients must have bought and repaid products priced at wholesale pricing above our minimum threshold of £100,000 at a go or gradually over a period or minimum of one year sale cycle (whichever is applicable).