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When it comes to appliances, PC24 Stores has it all-extensive product knowledge, attentive service, huge selection and superior savings. As a premier authorized dealer with a huge e-commerce presence, we combine the best aspects of a traditional storefront with the convenience and superior prices of online shopping. Our knowledgeable appliance specialists are here to help guide you through your appliance purchase, turning complex choices into informed decisions. Take comfort in the PC24 Stores experience, where we have it all and so can you.

PC24 Stores Ghana

PO BOX AN 19969





Sales inquiries: pc24s@sikamaster.com


Email customer service here.

PC24 Stores is here to serve you, our valued customer.


The online store operates 24/7 all year round.


Our physical stores operates from

Monday - Saturday (8am - 7pm)

Sundays (2pm - 7pm)

With PC24 Stores we guarantee all transactions to be 100 percent safe. Our website utilizes a secure server, has been issued a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate to enable server security and utilizes the latest in encryption technology to insure complete protection, safety and security to all of our customers.

In the unlikely event that the unauthorized use of your credit card results, through no fault of your own, from a purchase made while using our secure sever, you will not be held responsible in any way. That is our guarantee.

PC24 Stores has gone to extreme lengths to ensure our customers' safety. We take great pride in the protection of our customers

We at PC24 Stores want to do anything possible to add to your shopping experience. That's why whenever we can we want to inform you of the latest products, money-saving deals and industry information to help you make the best decision for your home. We also want your input on what you'd like to see from us. In order to keep the communication flowing, we routinely update several social networking pages. Aside from the PC24 Stores site, these pages are where you'll find the latest news, deals and information from your appliance authority.


Facebook: The PC24 Stores Facebook Fan Page is updated every day with the latest deals and product specials. Become a fan today!

Twitter: For information about promotions, as well as general appliance news (and some surprises), follow us on the official PC24 Stores Twitter page (@PC24Stores). On average, we tweet several times a day, and deals are normally announced throughout the day.

PC24 Stores's top priority is customer service and we strive to provide the best pricing available. If you find a lower price (that includes the price plus shipping, handling, delivery, sales tax and sometimes even rebates) on an identical in-stock item from another authorized dealer, simply contact our customer service team and we will do everything possible to meet or beat that price. Be ready to provide the competitor's details, including shipping, handling, sales tax, and delivery date in writing. PC24 Stores will only price match prior to shipping; once your order has shipped, we will not match a lower price. PC24 Stores's price match policy is not combinable with any other discounts. We reserve the right to amend this policy at any time. Please contact PC24 Stores for all Price Match Policy inquiries.



PC24 Stores will not match competitors' bonus, special or free offers; rebates; financing offers, clearance or closeout prices; prices on used, damaged, returned, open box or display merchandise; service contracts; installation, delivery or assembly services. PC24 Stores Price Match Policy does not apply to parts or accessories.

There are several things you should check on before buying an appliance. Take advantage of our comprehensive site to check model specifications and installation guides or call our knowledgeable appliance specialists for more information. Here are some other tips so you can be ready to go after you make your purchase.


Measure your Space

Before deciding on the model that you will buy, carefully measure the area in which your appliance will be placed. It's also good to measure all doors and areas that the appliance will need to travel through before it reaches its final destination.


Confirm your Utilities, Voltage/Plug Type

It is equally important to know if you're house or apartment is wired with gas or electric connections. Also, check to see what the correct voltage and the plug type of the outlet that you will be using before purchase.


Buy Necessary Accessories

You can research on our website what cables and accompanying accessories you will need for the appliance and if they are sold separately. Note: Many electric ranges and electric clothes dryers do not come with plugs and have to be purchased separately.


Give Specific Instructions to Deliverer

When placing an order please fill out the Comments section with additional details like preferred delivery times, how many floors the item will have to be carried up and any other information our delivery team will need to know. This will ensure quick, hassle-free delivery.


Make a Plan for Assembly/Installation

Start thinking about how you will assemble and install your appliance and what kind of services you might need to help you.

For smaller items, we ship via -in-house options, and for larger items you have three delivery choices depending on what kind of services you'd like. See more details here.

Delivery normally takes one to two weeks for physical goods. Delivery for digital goods is almost instant or as my be stated. See more details here.

You will receive your warranty contract within 1 to 2 weeks after your order has shipped. It is important to register the serial numbers of your appliances as soon as they are delivered.

You must contact us within 24 hours of receiving your item if your product is damaged or does not meet your needs. In the event of a return, you must contact customer service to receive a return authorization (RA) number. We will not accept any returns without a RA. All returns are subject to a 15 to 30 percent restocking fee. Shipping and handling charges to and from our warehouse are not refundable for returned items. For more details, click here.

You can locate your order and track its status by visiting PC24 Stores's order tracking page and gain instant access to the status of your purchase. Simply enter your Order ID.

Delivery costs will never exceed $99 for standard delivery and $198 for white glove and in-home delivery. Use our 'Calculate Shipping' calculator in the Shopping Cart to add up your delivery costs that are based on your location, delivery method and the items' total weight.


FREE Delivery available anywhere in Ghana for orders over $475.

PC24 Stores delivers to all areas in Ghana. We can however ship to a selected Pickup Points for collection or pickup. We do not ship products above 5kg weight to PO Boxes.

If you have immediate questions, please call customer service at 057 332 8441 or email pc24s@sikamaster.com


We offer installation in many locations across Ghana, please check our installation page for details.

There are many steps that go into shopping for a product that is right for you.

First, you should assess your needs and budget. Take some time to list the features you are looking for your product. Then, take into consideration the aesthetics and brand of the appliance to showcase your personality and visual style.

At PC24 Stores before you even step inside our showroom, you can research online in the comfort of your own home and read detailed onsite specifications. Our knowledgeable appliance specialists are also available to answer all your questions.

To wrap all your appliances into a cohesive kitchen, you have many choices by either shopping by or aesthetic or brand (which in many cases can qualify you for package rebates). Built-in appliances fit flush with the surrounding cabinetry for a sleek, high-end look. If your kitchen layout requires that one side of the appliance be exposed or you don't have custom cabinetry, you will need freestanding appliances. Counter-depth appliances can be the happy medium, as they provide a flush look without the added expense of a built-in appliance.

Another aesthetic to think about is professional style versus designer style. If you like the commercial look of restaurant-style appliances coupled with features that professional chefs use on a daily basis like powerful burners, wall-mounted pot fillers, high-power range hoods and more, then pro-style appliances are right for you. Designer appliances, however, are typically more stylish and cheaper than pro-style. Another big difference is that designer appliances have the option of digital controls, as well as a greater selection of colors, finishes and styling options. Pro-style appliances tend to only come in stainless steel.

Different brands can also bring you different looks and features. High-end brands like Sub-Zero, BlueStar and Wolf all have their trademark flourishes like top-ventilation grates, star-shaped burners and red knobs, respectively, which set them apart. All brands have different series that have unique styling to give you even more options. Some brands like Electrolux, KitchenAid and Bosch can bring you value, offering you more features for your buck.


1) Select a refrigerator with an external water/ice dispenser to minimize the frequency you open the refrigerator for filtered water and the freezer for ice.

2) Buy a bottom freezer or French door refrigerator, as both refrigerator styles use about 16 percent less energy than side by side models.

3) Choose a refrigerator with a manual defrost freezer, as it uses half the energy of an automatic defrost model. This refrigerator must be defrosted regularly, however, to remain energy efficient.

4) Make sure your refrigerator door seals are airtight. If air is escaping, your refrigerator's compressor is working harder to keep the compartment cold.

5) Look for a refrigerator with an Energy Star label rating. The higher the tier, the more efficient the appliance.


Air Conditioners

1) Turn your AC off or put it on a higher temperature setting while you're not in the room.

2) If your AC has a timer (or even if it doesn't, use a programmable wall outlet timer with your room AC), set it at the appropriate time when you'll be home or an hour before you get home to cool the room.

3) Clean or replace your room AC's filter monthly. A dirty filter restricts air flow.

4) Make sure your AC is properly installed and airtight around the edges of the window or wall. If air is escaping, your AC's compressor is working harder to keep the room cool.

5) Supplement your AC with a room fan to improve air movement to better cool the room.

6) Look for an AC with an Energy Star label. The higher the tier, the more efficient the appliance.

PC24 Stores remains at the forefront of the industry by continually adding new models to our huge inventory. If you happen to not find what you're looking for, simply call or email and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists. If you want it, there's a very good chance that PC24 Stores has it.

PC24 Stores sells parts for all your appliance needs.

Let's examine a hypothetical situation: A part stops working on your appliance, be it a refrigerator compressor, an electronic ignition on your cooktop or a grill castor randomly falls off. Though your gut instinct may be to call the first appliance repairman out of the yellow pages, don't. You might be covered under your appliance's warranty.

PC24 Stores is an authorized dealer, and as a PC24 Stores customer all appliances you purchase are protected by the manufacturer's warranty. Most manufacturers' warranties cover parts and labour on the appliance for a year. These days warranties are protecting more and more, as brands may use them as incentives for their products.

The duration and coverage of a product's warranty depends on the manufacturer. Though our sales team has up-to-the-minute information on each warranty, you'll also receive your warranty information with either your product or in the mail shortly after we deliver your appliance. Most of the time, manufacturers require you to fill out and mail a warranty form, which will also indicate when the warranty period starts (usually from warranty submission or purchase). For some products on the PC24 Stores site, we have the warranty form under the "Info & Guides" tab on the product page.

It is important to provide us with both your Billing and Shipping Addresses:

Billing Address: This is the address that is attached to your banking institution and that is connected with your credit card that you are using for the purchase.

Shipping Address: This is the address that we will ship your purchase to. If your Billing Address is different than your Shipping Address, please expect 24-48 hours for bank verification, before your order will ship. To expedite the verification process, you can list your shipping address with your financial institution.

Shortly after you place your order, you will receive an Order Confirmation email that confirms your purchase was made. After your order is shipped you will receive an Order Status Update email as confirmation. Twenty-four hours after your order ships you will receive an Invoice via email.

Within 72 hours you will then receive an Order Status Update email that will let you know the specific carrier that your order is shipping.

You can locate your order and track its status by visiting PC24 Stores' order tracking page and gain instant access to the status of your purchase. Simply enter your Order ID.


Your order is currently being processed, and you will receive additional information shortly.


Verifying CC

We are currently verifying your purchase with your banking institution.



Your payment is pending additional verification.


On Hold

Your order is on hold pending additional verification.


Verification Hold

Your payment is pending additional verification. Please call the verification department for more information.


Awaiting Payment

We are currently waiting for a wire transfer or check payment on your order.


CC Hold

Your payment was declined. Please call the verification department for more information.



An item in your order needs additional clarification or information before processing.


Partially Shipped

One or more items on your order have shipped.



Your order has been shipped, and your purchase has been charged to your credit card.



Your order is cancelled and will not be shipped. If credit is due, your account will be credited in 2-3 days.

PC24 Stores is dedicated to our customer's 100 percent satisfaction. We are confident that our return policy will ensure your ultimate satisfaction with your product purchase. See more here.

Orders may be cancelled before the item(s) are shipped (see exceptions*) and a cancellation fee may apply. Once they are shipped, you will need to refer to our Return Policy. PC24 Stores reserves the right to amend this policy at any time.


*Exceptions: Special Order (items marked as "special order") items cannot be canceled. Order will be charged upon placing the order and will be considered final sale (non-refundable).

PC24 Stores transports your appliances utilizing the quickest, most economical and secure methods possible. We offer many options depending on the item that you purchase. 

See available options here.

Unlike smaller purchases, appliances are bulky and have many parts that require special shipping methods to ensure they arrive in brand-new condition. Because of those special shipping methods, appliances usually take longer than smaller items to ship. Below are approximate delivery times based on location.


Appliance Delivery Times:

Outside of Accra: 1 to 2 weeks

Within Accra*: 2 to 4 days


PC24 Stores offers you the option of choosing your delivery date. If you'd like your items delivered at a later date, just contact us two weeks prior to the ship date. If you need your order delivered sooner than the times stated above, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

*Delivery times listed above assume that the item ordered is currently in stock. Items out of stock or being delivered from My UKStores (a UK-based partner) are subject to a later delivery date.

*Remote delivery areas may take longer than the delivery time frames listed above. PC24 Stores deserves the right to determine what is considered a remote area.

Delivery costs will never exceed $99 for standard delivery and $198 for white glove and in-home delivery.

* Use our "Calculate Shipping" calculator to add up your delivery costs that are based on your location, delivery method and the items� total weight. To determine delivery charges for your purchase, follow these steps:


1. Go to the page of the item(s) you are interested in purchasing

2. Select the "Add to Cart" button

3. Go to "Your Shopping Cart"

4. Enter the address where the items(s) will be shipped in the "Calculate Your Shipping" section of the shopping cart

5. Click the "Calculate Shipping" button


* Please note there is a $200 charge for any orders that need to be delivered within a week. This is a non-negotiable flat fee. The most common areas that need express for delivery include.


There is a FREE Delivery for orders above $475.

PC24 Stores is proud to offer installation across anywhere in Ghana for the following appliances:

Gas & Electric Ranges


Wall Ovens


Refrigerators with Ice Makers


Washing Machines

Gas & Electric


Pro Appliances


There is an additional charge for all installation, which is provided by a third party. Please contact our sales department for quotes.

Your new appliance arrives from PC24 Stores, and you want to install it yourself. Though it's good to get in the "DIY" spirit, in order to properly install the appliance, you must follow certain guidelines and, better yet, actually know what you�re doing. Fortunately, we're here to bring you some tips and information on how to properly install your appliance.


Safety: For some appliances, you're not going to be able to do everything yourself. If you're missing a gas or water line for a range or refrigerator/freezer, you're going to have to call a plumber or piping professional. If your kitchen doesn't meet the electrical requirements of a specific appliance or you need to "hard-wire" something, you'll have to call an electrician. There are certain things you just cannot do on your own and are better left to an expert. Safety should be your greatest concern during the time of installation.

Measure Your Space: Measure the actual space your appliance will be fitting into before purchasing to make sure it will fit. Under the product profiles on our site, check for an Installation Guide to give you the minimum space you will need. For refrigerators, you need to allow at least an inch on all sides for air clearances, so your refrigerator has enough venting to work properly. Also, be sure to measure the doors, entryways and hallways the refrigerator will have to travel through to get to its final destination.

Check for a Water or Gas Line: If the refrigerator you are purchasing has a water dispenser and/or ice maker, then you will need to make sure you have water line where you want to place the refrigerator. If you're installing a gas range or cooktop, you're going to need a gas line with an emergency shut-off valve. The valve is required by law.

Allow for Door Swing: Refrigerators either open to the right or the left, and you can find the door swing information on the product page. Make sure wherever you place the refrigerator, you have the space available to open the door to the full extent and allow space for hinges and leveling. If installing a bottom-mount refrigerator, be sure to leave room for the freezer drawer(s).


It may sound like a silly suggestion to measure door swing depth with an oven (either a stand-alone or on a range), but your kitchen might be significantly cramped for space. Make sure the door (or doors) on your oven(s) are able to open and stop at a complete 90 degree angle, creating a flat surface between you and the oven cavity.

Items labeled as Quick Ship will ship within three business days from our warehouse. Actual delivery times will vary based off your location. If you are ordering multiple items and not all items qualify for Quick Ship, the order will ship when all items have been allocated.

Please note that all orders are subject to verification. Orders will not be shipped until billing information is verified

Every day PC24 Stores offers you:

Money-saving deals

Discounted/clearance items

Package deals

Online coupons

Instant savings

Many of these offers you won't find anywhere else. And many of them are combinable.


Start by visiting our Rebates and Promotions Center to see if your item(s) qualify for savings and rebates.


*Coupon codes are not combinable and not applicable on certain products that adhere to strict pricing policies.

*As the appliance owner you take full responsibility for mailing in rebates.

We offer you the best package deals around. No need to search appliance by appliance - you can build the home of your dreams with one of our value package deals.

We give special discounts to home improvement industry members like architects, builders, contractors or corporate buyers. We guarantee special pricing, flexible payment options, amazing service and nationwide delivery.

When a threshhold is given for an PC24 Stores special deal or free delivery promotion, your subtotal must meet or exceed that threshold.

For example, if we offer Free Delivery for orders above a certain amount, the amount must be before tax and delivery charges are added.

If you're an architect, builder, contractor, corporate buyer or in the home improvement industry, you should look no further than PC24 Stores for your needs. We guarantee special pricing, flexible payment options, amazing service and nationwide delivery. Just contact our sales department by email for more information

Simply email or fill out a contact form to set up a business account. We can set you up quickly, so you will be on your way to taking advantage of PC24 Stores' great industry deals and discounts